I am an observer. I love to watch people, but I also love to watch the machinations of the world. In addition, I observe people’s lives via social media and their reactions to what the universe throws at them, on a daily basis.

I observe what happens in the space before me. We are all stars in this cosmos, I merely watch the movements of those stars and comment. I try not to judge, I just offer an alternative perspective….One man’s perspective on our world, offering hope and help to put things into perspective for you.

Sometimes you might agree with my perspective, other times you may strongly disagree. Either is fine – that is our perogative as individuals and free thinkers – but what I do hope to do is stimulate the star dust inside your mind and create a shooting star of free thought, that may make you consider alternative orbits. Whatever your opinion, I hope to be able to put a positive axis on even the most negative of life’s curve balls.

Looking through my telescope observing the world from One Man’s Perspective – I am the Social Astronomer….Welcome to my observatory, lets look at these stars together!

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