Deal or No Deal – The Global Revolution

I cannot take credit for the second part of this title – that goes to a certain politician in our midst, but more on that later.

Today, Queen Elizabeth II our  90 year old monarch gave Royal Assent to the Article 50 Bill – the Bill that triggers our exit from the European Union. That means that our Prime Minister, Theresa May, can now trigger the article and commence the process. With the announcement came a new wave of EU “banter” between the people of the UK, but it’s more than that isn’t it?

Since June 23rd 2016, the entire world seems to be rebelling – it began with Nigel Farage and Brexit, next came the election of Donald J Trump as “leader of the ‘free’ world” (he isn’t, he is just the President of America and only  North America at that, that does not make up the Free World, last time I looked it was one of many free countries in the world) and it now looks like the next upset could come in the form of Marine Le Pen (the leader of the  French National Front).


I am no politician, but I observe with interest the way that the solar system of politics is orbiting at the moment. I must say that I like Farage – I don’t necessarily agree with his politics, but because of him I went out for the first time in my life at 48 years old and put an ‘X’ in the “Leave” box (and before anyone says anything, I’m intelligent and knew exactly what I was voting for!). I find Farage a personable bloke, down to earth and (bizarrely) I find the tone of his voice comforting – I think he would be great to have a drink with and make an interesting guest for dinner.

Farage has a show on LBC and has done frequent shows from America (when visiting his friend the President) and last night interviewed Le Pen in a one hour interview, that was both interesting and revealing – his reason was because our PM had given Le Pen’s rival red carpet treatment and ignored her. I must say, that interview (probably available via the LBC website) really gave me an insight into Le Pen (somebody I had never heard of before) and I really warmed to her…she speaks a lot of sense. One thing that Farage asked Le Pen was “Do you think that this is the start of a ‘Global Revolution’?” Le Pen, simply replied “Yes!” And I agree – the tides are turning.

LBC has a raft of presenters, both Leave and Remain supporters, and, mentioning no names, there is only one that I will not listen to. His dislike for any opinion, other than his own, overwhelms his reasoning and ability to have a rational conversation. Add to this his feeling of total academic superiority over anyone and everyone he comes into contact with and you will hopefully get why I cannot bear to hear his voice. He reminds me of Fraser from Dad’s Army (the UK sitcom) who used to respond to everything with “Doomed! We’re all doomed!” – every single show that this presenter does, has that atmosphere…he says that everyone who voted Leave is a “pleb” and “intellectually inferior” and that we did not know or understand what we were voting for; he puts every bad thing that happens down to us voting for Brexit with a ‘quip’ of “Oh look what you voted for now” followed by a negative rant about how we all voted to make ourselves poorer blah blah blah. Another reason that I won’t listen to him, is his total negativity towards the current political situation, the “Global Revolution”…he totally refuses to accept that it is happening and totally slates any figure who may swing the opposite way to him, especially if their name is Farage.

Brexit seems to be surrounded by this mass of paranoia – for example a caller to LBC this afternoon stated very passionately “How can May look the Queen in the face? How can she ask our 90 year old monarch to sign a piece of paper that will lead to the break up of her kingdom?” – a bit of an over reaction, me thinks, but it shows the level of passion that Brexit has brought out in people. People have been turned on each other, divided, and the whole thing has turned into a huge mess of paranoid delusion on both sides.

We were warned, Brexit will lead to instability, the pound will dive, everything will become more expensive, huge recession will ensue, emergency budget etc etc…”Project Fear” they called it, trying to scare us into voting Remain. We have not seen any of this, in fact the economy in the UK is stronger and more stable. With today’s events, the paranoia has taken a step up and people are again arguing and shouting at each other about it all. YAWNS!

Frankly the whole Brexit thing is getting rather boring – yes I am excited that we will be able to govern ourselves again and not have to do as we are told, but I am tired of all of the vitriol and fighting between sides. Tired of the paranoia. People are making themselves ill over it – anxiety, depression etc etc, because of something that is happening in the politics of the world. Yes it’s important, but is it truly worth making yourself ill for? Nope!

Just lately all we seem to be hearing is “What do we do if we cannot agree a deal?” Well I guess it fills time on talk radio shows!! Whatever happens will happen, whether you worry yourself over it or not, so chill – it doesn’t matter who voted what, it’s their vote they can do what they like with it. So what if they have a different opinion to you, no need to argue on Facebook or send vitriolic Tweets, lose friends, hate people. We are all the same, regardless of colour or religion or ethnicity, we just have brains that allow us to think for ourselves…accept it and love.

So “Deal or No Deal” who really cares – well Theresa May and her cronies should, because that is who is in charge of sorting it out, but not you or I. Now here’s the thing – may be a bit radical, but we have everything the wrong way round. If you imagine the UK as a company, WE employed our Senior Management Team at the last General Election, which makes US the CEO’s or Chairpeople of OUR company (the United Kingdom)…so if our Senior Management Team (the govenment) aren’t doing a good job, we can sack the lot of them and employ a new team, next time we get the chance!! Eventually we will get the right people in the right places…just remember who you are next time you vote – YOU are The Boss. Don’t listen to the doom mongers, don’t ask people on Facebook how they think you should vote, listen to your own mind and make the decision yourself, because you know what the world that you want to live in looks like.

As for the “Global Revolution”, long may it continue and I am very proud and comforted in the knowledge that it all started here in the UK. I wish the democratically elected President Trump all of the luck in the world, because they really have it in for him and a lot of it is unfair victimisation because the politicians and businessmen did not get the result they wanted – having paid for his election campaign himself, Trump owes nobody anything and that is why he is seen as so dangerous; he can exercise free thought and he has a blank canvas on which to work. And I hope that Mme Le Pen takes herself all the way to the French Presidency – like Farage and Trump, all she seems to want is what is best for the people of France, she has no problem with foreign people or other religions, but she believes that in France, French people should come first. Is anything wrong with that? Would you prioritise somebody from…say… Germany over your Sister or Brother?

With more elections to come over the coming months in Germany and Italy, to name but two, we could see further changes in the structure of the world – we the people want change and we can affect the “Global Revolution” if we all unite around the world and use our votes, as CEO’s of our countries, to make that change happen. I think that over the next 5 or 10 years, as the “Global Revolution” takes hold, the European Union will dissolve, to be replaced, eventually, by a new Union that is run by the new management teams of each country, teams that work together to get the best for both their CEO’s and the Union that they have formed. A Union that is united and can make the world a better place in which to live. Is it going to be tough? Of course. But will it be worth it? For our children, yes it will. That’s one of the problems, you see, many are only thinking about themselves and the 10 years of hardship that they will endure for the sake of a positive change for the future. Sometimes we have to make a sacrifice for the better good, we need to educate kids of 8-15 years old in how they can make the world a better place – if we continue as we are, they will only learn how to wreck what is left – so that when the hardship is over, they can all live together in a world that we built and keep that world looking good.

“Oh right,” I hear them cry, “And what about the £350 million a week they promised for the NHS?” Well (a) they never promised it, they could not, they had no authority to – it’s like you know that you are going to have an extra £250 a month in your wages after your pay rise so you think about all of the things that you could do with it, this was just one idea; and (b) until we leave the EU that money is not available to spend, because the EU are still taking it week in and week out until 2019 – it’s like going out and buying a car with that pay rise before it has started going into your pay packet…where are you going to get the money from?  (I don’t know what is so hard to understand about that logic really, but many don’t get it and keep using it as an argument) In 2019 when we are out, THEN and only then will that £350 million a week be available to spend, so stop fighting over it, stop fretting about it. In 2019 I am sure we will be advised on how it will be spent.

Vive The Global Revolution, long may it continue and I look forward to observing it as it happens and taking part when the opportunity arises. Sometimes change is good, don’t be scared, embrace it.

What if I fall? But my darling, what if you fly – Eric Hanson


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